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Basics of Stage3D part IV: working with shaders [expert]

Nowadays shaders have become an inharent part of the 3D graphics, it is basically impossible to display a picture without creating a single shading program. Which is why, this time around we will take a quick look on how to work with shaders by adding a simple lighting to our virtual world. In Flash... Read more

Basics of Stage3D part III: working with rotation [expert]

Continuing from where we left off this time around I want to write a bit about rotations. Anyone who started working with Flash's Stage3D without previous experience in 3D will sooner or later run into unforeseen results with appendRotation() function. To make thin... Read more

Understanding the "Graphics" symbol

Anyone who already spent some quality time in ActionScript is no doubt fully aware what MovieClips do or how they work, however Flash also allows for creation of something very similar, the symbols called "Graphics". At first they might seem like a simplified versions of MovieClips, which is of cour... Read more

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