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Water themed website idea

Sage Screensaver

Through I was asked to make a screensaver for Sage. It shows current time for some of the bigger cities in world based on user's local time.
You can download and install the actual screensaver from here:


A piece of string attached to the mouse cursor. What can I say, I dont need much to make myself smile.
Use arrow keys to modify the string.

Pseudo dynamic light

Click left mouse button on a corner of a box to move it around. Another click to put it in place.
Space to create more boxes.

Drawing in 3D

Click left mouse button to start a line drawing. Another click will stop it (you can move around in the mean time).
Arrow keys to move (holding CTRL key will switch to moving up and down)
W/S/A/D to rotate the view.

Water surface

Click left mouse button to create a ripple.
Arrow keys and W/S to move around in 3D space.
Space to switch to filling mode.

Rain drops

Hold left mouse button to change rain drop's size.
Space to randomize size and speed.


Because fireworks never get old.
Left/Right = Amount of sparks; Up/Down = Gravity;
W/S = Speed; A/D = Life span;
Space = Blur effect.

Pseudo 3D MovieClips scaling

Without using the Z axis available in latest Flash versions.

Path finding

B = Show blocked tiles; G = Show grid; P = Show path;
Ctrl = Convert to blocked; Shift = Convert to empty;
Enter = Create new map; Space = Clear all;
Left mouse button to pick destination or draw (with ctrl/shift)