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Battle Against a True Alicorn

My first ever attempt at making a cross-platform game.
More information here:

Can be played here: Flash version / HTML5 version

Derpy's Story

Derpy's Story is a tribute to the latest iteration of My Little Pony cartoon.
The goal is to guide Derpy through a dark forest by controlling the floating bubbles.

It took me around 8 months to make the whole game and then other month to work in the music and voice samples produced by few other people.

The game can be played here:

Print Fighter 4

As a part of ad campaign in 2010 for I was asked (through to create a simple fighting game and also make provided Flash website interactive.

Since the ad campaign is already over 'Print Fighter 4' can only be played in demo mode (as full version requires registration on website that doesn't exist anymore). Furthermore it's only available in Polish language.
Instructions: On log-in screen press "DEMO", then pick one out of the three specials moves.
Controls: Use arrow keys to move and CTRL key to block. Pressing arrow keys while blocking will unleash one out of the four moves.
(might need a moment to load up).


'Communication' was created for 'Serious Games' contest on in 2009.
The game tells a story of two people: a disabled men realizing his dream of traveling around the world and elderly woman helping her granddaughter recover from accident.
I created 'Communication' with help of my friend (who also helped me with 'TKFB The Game') in around 2 weeks because of the contest's time limit.

The game can be played on:

TKFB The Game

'TKFB' is a small community forum established long time ago that is unfortunately already gone, thus me and my friend in 2008 decided to create somewhat a memento, something to return to and say "aah, those were times".
'TKFB The Game' is a simple platformer game with hand-drawn backgrounds and pixel-art characters. At first it also had working hi-scores but the site that hosted them is also gone.

The game is currently available at


'Kamineko' was my first big project in Flash (I've worked on it since 2005 till 2008).
Its an RPG engine available completely for free on along with a game demonstrating its features. Name is a tribute to Azumanga Daioh anime (which 'Kamienko RPG' is based on).
I wont lie, im not very good with designing any sorts of graphics stuff (as proven by this blog design, har har har) nor I was 5 years ago but I think its a pretty fun game to play nonetheless.
'Kamineko RPG' features hand-drawn animations, day-night cycle and up to 3vs3 fights.

'Kamineko' engine and 'Kamineko RPG' game (plus source files) are available on:
Game itself is also available on: