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'Communication' was created for 'Serious Games' contest on in 2009.
The game tells a story of two people: a disabled men realizing his dream of traveling around the world and elderly woman helping her granddaughter recover from accident.
I created 'Communication' with help of my friend (who also helped me with 'TKFB The Game') in around 2 weeks because of the contest's time limit.

The game can be played on:

TKFB The Game

'TKFB' is a small community forum established long time ago that is unfortunately already gone, thus me and my friend in 2008 decided to create somewhat a memento, something to return to and say "aah, those were times".
'TKFB The Game' is a simple platformer game with hand-drawn backgrounds and pixel-art characters. At first it also had working hi-scores but the site that hosted them is also gone.

The game is currently available at