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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is an online shooter from Valve and become immensely popular almost instantly after coming out and since everyone was playing so did I. However it had one problem: it was too short. Luckily, it is Valve we are talking about here - as expected they released the modding tools and people, including me, started creating custom maps.

Undead Space: l4d_undead_space.7z. This was supposed to be a 4 map campaign... but Valve released L4D2 before I even had the time to finish the first level. Left 4 Dead 2 split the community in half and most of my friends stopped playing, effectively killing my biggest mapping project to date. However, even thought it is just a single map this is still quite an impressive campaign (if I may say so myself) - it is already 400MB in size! That includes around 50 textures, 15 models and one custom sound. Supports Coop, Survival and Versus modes.