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Graal Online ( is a game best described as Zelda (the SNES version) with online multiplayer. One of the biggest features of Graal was its level editor with surprisingly powerful scripting language bultt-in. At first the game was free and focused an simple fun and exploration, however after becoming quite popular Graal has moved to subscription based business model and started anew with 'adult' look, that ultimately almost killed it.
Currently Graal seems to be trying to go back to it's roots. Even has a Facebook app based on the classic version: Graal Classic.
In the time when Graal was still free, RPGMaker was at its peak and Flash started to become popular, I've decided to stick with Graal's level editor and made two games based on its engine:

Another Chance: My first ever try with "role-playing" type of game. Interestingly enough turned based combat was actually created with scripting - the engine itself did not support anything like that.

Azumanga Journey: Based on Azumanga Daioh anime. Unaware of the incoming changes I started this project just before Graal stopped being free, so I had to abandon it shortly after. At this point, as there was no other choice, I've switched to Flash...