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Graal Online ( is a game best described as Zelda (the SNES version) with online multiplayer. One of the biggest features of Graal was its level editor with surprisingly powerful scripting language bultt-in. At first the game was free and focused an simple fun and exploration, however after becoming quite popular Graal has moved to subscription based business model and started anew with 'adult' look, that ultimately almost killed it.
Currently Graal seems to be trying to go back to it's roots. Even has a Facebook app based on the classic version: Graal Classic.
In the time when Graal was still free, RPGMaker was at its peak and Flash started to become popular, I've decided to stick with Graal's level editor and made two games based on its engine:

Another Chance: My first ever try with "role-playing" type of game. Interestingly enough turned based combat was actually created with scripting - the engine itself did not support anything like that.

Azumanga Journey: Based on Azumanga Daioh anime. Unaware of the incoming changes I started this project just before Graal stopped being free, so I had to abandon it shortly after. At this point, as there was no other choice, I've switched to Flash...

Kamineko 2

As my time on the university was coming to an end I had to decide on a topic for my thesis. I went ahead with "Widely available multi-player video game in Flash technology", which basically means "MMORPG in Flash". One of the biggest key feature of 'Kamineko 2' is ability (of every player) to make custom maps without any kind of limits.
After completing the basic framework and defending my thesis I was hired by to work on very similar project.
Character creation screen:



'Kamineko 2' website is still up and available at: but the game servers are not, so I guess there is no reason to go there. Unless anyone is willing to host them: (they require Java)

Neko Mortus

One of the TKFB members, JarasM ( seeing my work on Kamineko, contacted me in 2007 to make a similar game. In the end however he didn't have enough time and the project was stopped right after creating first few maps. Since I didn't want that work to go to waste I've moved those maps into Kamineko as hidden/bonus content.
Concept art:


'Kamineko' was my first big project in Flash (I've worked on it since 2005 till 2008).
Its an RPG engine available completely for free on along with a game demonstrating its features. Name is a tribute to Azumanga Daioh anime (which 'Kamienko RPG' is based on).
I wont lie, im not very good with designing any sorts of graphics stuff (as proven by this blog design, har har har) nor I was 5 years ago but I think its a pretty fun game to play nonetheless.
'Kamineko RPG' features hand-drawn animations, day-night cycle and up to 3vs3 fights.

'Kamineko' engine and 'Kamineko RPG' game (plus source files) are available on:
Game itself is also available on: