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Some projects I've made for Java classes while studying on the university.

At the end of the first year everyone had to make their own unique application. I've decided to make a very basic 3D game, in which you dodge incoming obstacles. Jar file can be downloaded here:

On the second year we were required to make a game while studying about Java in mobile devices. The one I've made is here: It requires Netbeans + NetBeans Mobility Pack.

For the final year we were again required to make our own unique application in Java. This time based on picked subject - I've made a webcam monitor with image filters. The source code is here: It's packed as Netbeans project. Requires JMF.

Kamineko 2

As my time on the university was coming to an end I had to decide on a topic for my thesis. I went ahead with "Widely available multi-player video game in Flash technology", which basically means "MMORPG in Flash". One of the biggest key feature of 'Kamineko 2' is ability (of every player) to make custom maps without any kind of limits.
After completing the basic framework and defending my thesis I was hired by to work on very similar project.
Character creation screen:



'Kamineko 2' website is still up and available at: but the game servers are not, so I guess there is no reason to go there. Unless anyone is willing to host them: (they require Java)