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Drawing in 3D

Click left mouse button to start a line drawing. Another click will stop it (you can move around in the mean time).
Arrow keys to move (holding CTRL key will switch to moving up and down)
W/S/A/D to rotate the view.

Water surface

Click left mouse button to create a ripple.
Arrow keys and W/S to move around in 3D space.
Space to switch to filling mode.

Platformer 3D

I think the title says it all.
'Platformer 3D' is a project I always wanted to finish, but I just never managed to nail down the sorting algorithm and after many tries I simply run out of ideas.
Considering how simple the engine is (consists only of boxes + no rotation whatsoever), I'm sure there is an easy way to do it. Example game (arrow keys to move) :
Editor for the game (arrow keys to move the camera):