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One day I've decided to learn C#. Pretty cool language I must say. Here are some application I've made in Visual Studio 2003 (by the way, they all require .NET framework to work):

Links catcher: When you copy a link, the application will catch it and convert into complete html <a> tag. So by coping: ClipboardLinks.exe will return <a href="">link</a>. You can later save the list to a text file. Read the "readme.txt".

File renamer: Set a destination folder in the config file "config.cfg" and then run the application. Each file will be renamed to format specified in the Renamer.exe itself. Read the "readme.txt".

Episodes counter: Quite frankly it is just a file counter but since I use it only for one purpose... . Application will read the destination folder and count all files of selected file-type.


First time ever I've learned C++ was actually on university and even thought I've never used it before I did manage to create two pretty cool applications that I really like (can't live without them):

Random desktop wallpaper picker: In short, you pick a folder (or folders - there is no limit) with tons of images and "WallChanger" will pick one at random. It comes as a Visual Studio 2003 project + EXE files. More info in the "readme.txt".

Windows Assistant "Wina": Cute little elf girl that will sit on currently selected window. Right click on her to see some settings for that window (for example: make it transparent or force it to always be on top). Only EXE file included + readme.txt.


'Animator' is used to create simple animation. The application was made for on behalf of and quite honestly I don't know what they did with it.
'Animator' might be a bit confusing at first but it is actually rather easy to use. Whenever you change something on the scene (objects can be moved by clicking and dragging them using the mouse) a 'key-frame' is created on current position in the movie. Everything that has been changed will now be animated from initial stage to one presented in the key-frame. So in other words if you go the 5th second of the movie and move the camera up, an animation will be created showing that camera moving up during those first five seconds of the movie.

Unfortunately the application is available only in Polish language.