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I've recorded two podcasts for Both of them are dedicated to discussion about anime between me and two of my friends. Available only in Polish language.
Episode 0: animecast_001_(29-11-2008).mp3
Episode 1: animecast_0_141008.mp3

Left 4 Dead 2

A little tip for L4D2 on "How to easily survive the Survival mode".
English, Polish and German subtitles included (turn on the closed captions in the video).

Quake 3

I have surprised myself with this one - I don't even like Quake 3 that much. Supposedly this video was my "goodbye" to Q3.

Download: QUAKE3-4AS-Farewell.avi.


Available only in Polish language.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Adjusted for Hitsuji release. Also, and this is very important, those subtitles will fit the video properly only and only if they will be "muxed"-in with Matroska'a "MKVtoolnix", which is unfortunately quite hard to do. That is why I also prepared a set of tools to do that automatically:
Well I agree, it does seem like a bit too much work, but done properly it will take only a moment and considering the quality of Hitsuji release, its well worth it.

Detective Conan Movie 1:

Quite surprisingly no one made any subtitles for this movie before me, even thought it is really great. Well, since I really wanted to show it to my friends I've decided to make them myself. They are adjusted for AConan and RaX releases.


I remember I've made those walkthroughs for some gaming website (that probably doesn't exist anymore) but I dont remember its name. All 5 games are from GameBoy Advanced.
Available only in Polish language.
Golden Sun 1: Golden Sun.txt.
Lunar Legend: Lunar-v2.txt.
Mega Man Battle Network: MegaMan.txt.
Mega Man Battle Network 2: MegaMan2.txt.
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue: MegaMan3.txt.