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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is an online shooter from Valve and become immensely popular almost instantly after coming out and since everyone was playing so did I. However it had one problem: it was too short. Luckily, it is Valve we are talking about here - as expected they released the modding tools and people, including me, started creating custom maps.

Undead Space: l4d_undead_space.7z. This was supposed to be a 4 map campaign... but Valve released L4D2 before I even had the time to finish the first level. Left 4 Dead 2 split the community in half and most of my friends stopped playing, effectively killing my biggest mapping project to date. However, even thought it is just a single map this is still quite an impressive campaign (if I may say so myself) - it is already 400MB in size! That includes around 50 textures, 15 models and one custom sound. Supports Coop, Survival and Versus modes.


Tremulous ( is an online FPS. Since I enjoyed it quite a bit I've decided to make my own map for it, only for some reason didn't finish it. What it is even more interesting I don't have any traces of that map left, other than the screenshots...

TES4: Oblivion

It will probably seem weird, but I've made this mod not because I like Oblivion but because I like Metroid games.

This custom armor for Oblivion is based on Zero Suit worn by Samus Aran in Metroid games. More information and download here:


Graal Online ( is a game best described as Zelda (the SNES version) with online multiplayer. One of the biggest features of Graal was its level editor with surprisingly powerful scripting language bultt-in. At first the game was free and focused an simple fun and exploration, however after becoming quite popular Graal has moved to subscription based business model and started anew with 'adult' look, that ultimately almost killed it.
Currently Graal seems to be trying to go back to it's roots. Even has a Facebook app based on the classic version: Graal Classic.
In the time when Graal was still free, RPGMaker was at its peak and Flash started to become popular, I've decided to stick with Graal's level editor and made two games based on its engine:

Another Chance: My first ever try with "role-playing" type of game. Interestingly enough turned based combat was actually created with scripting - the engine itself did not support anything like that.

Azumanga Journey: Based on Azumanga Daioh anime. Unaware of the incoming changes I started this project just before Graal stopped being free, so I had to abandon it shortly after. At this point, as there was no other choice, I've switched to Flash...


MUGEN is a free fighting game engine, where you can create your own characters without the need of learning programming languages. I wonder if anyone plays it anymore?

Pikachu: Pikachu from Pokemon. To existing graphics from another author I've added special moves and effects.

Bra: Bra from Dragon Ball Z (interesting name I must say). Same thing here, I used existing graphics from another author and added special moves and effects.

Ranma: Ranma from Ranma 1/2. In this case I ripped the graphics from SNES game.


The third title in the list of my favorites games. I believe I've made around 15 maps for CS while playing it for 2 years, and since I have most of them, this will be quite a long post.














Unreal (the very first game in the series) was the next game I felt in love with after Duke Nukem 3D. Unfortunately making maps for it prove to be quite difficult and I've managed to only make 3 of them, a trilogy I've called "Alien Levels" (inspired by Aliens and Predator movies).

Alien Level 1:

Alien Level 2:

Alien Level 3:

Duke Nukem 3D

Good old Duke, I love this game so much I've made around 15 maps for it back in the day. Today only 3 of them remain:

Another world: Requires Atomic Edition.

Haunted house: Disable auto-run for proper mood.

Space ring: First multiplayer map I've made for Duke3D.